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Road Roller for sale
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The process of ordering and paying for your chosen vehicles can be categorized in the following steps:

  1. Detailed inquiry
    Before making an order it is necessary to ascertain all the available information regarding the vehicle. Things to particularly note are:

    a) Vehicle’s details (Brand, Model, Year, Specific Features, Internal and External state etc.)
    b) Additional Customization, Inspection and Shipment details
    c) Price Estimate (FOB, CNF or CIF) (based on buyer preference)
    d) Payment dates and terms agreed upon

  2. Receiving a detailed Pro-Forma Invoice

    a) Should contain unique vehicle identifiers (eg. Chassis No.)
    b) Payment due date

  3. Transfer of Funds

    a) Currently payments by Telegraphic Transfers (TT) or Letter of Credit (L/C) Processes are the only accepted forms of payment.
    b) Our Bank details are: DETAILS
    c) Please ensure that the vehicle is in stock before sending payment.
    d) Once payment is completed, please send us a copy of the receipt by fax/email.

  4. Shipment of Merchandise

    a) Once payment has been received, we will confirm it.
    b) The vehicle will be duly forwarded and an estimated shipment arrival dates will be provided.

  5. Shipment of related papers

    a) Once shipment is completed, we will send all necessary papers (Bill of Lading, De-registration Certificate, Additional Inspection Sheets etc.) by express mail along with the tracking number.